Michael Stumpf (born in Mannheim/ Germany) studied Sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe (1996-2001) and received an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art (2004). Michael was a co-founder and curator of the independent exhibition space Kaiserpassage 21a in Karlsruhe. He served as a committee member of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, co-founded and runs (with Lutz Fezer and Skafte Kuhn) the ongoing exhibition project the tower and is a member of Poster Club.

He has been Artist in Residence at The Banff Centre, Canada; the Scottish Sculpture Workshop; Covepark, Scotland and the Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim.

Selected exhibitions include :

New Wheat New Mud New Machine (with Poster Club) Cooper Gallery, Dundee; Art Across The City, Amphitheatre Swansea, Wheat Mud Machine (with Poster Club) Shanghai Himalayas Museum , Shanghai; This Song Belongs To Those Who Sing It, Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow School of Art; In other Words, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland; Poster Club, Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Neue Alchemie, Landesmuseum, Münster; Die Show im Oktober, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; Fearful Objects, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago; Samsa, Berlin; EAST international, Norwich; Like it Matters, CCA, Glasgow;

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the future is A process , 2015
The Future is a Process | digital print on archival paper| 420mm x 297mm | 2015 |
Edition of 10 | for Art Across the City available from

Sweats Lovesong
Sweats, Lovesong | Screenprint on Sweatshirt | Edition of 7 | size L | 2012 |
Produced for Kunstverein Hamburg

Sweats , Song (Rope, Ring, Chain, Rock) |Screenprint on Sweatshirt | Edition of 7 | size L | 2012 | Produced for Kunstverein Hamburg

Sweats, Schweissperle
Sweats, Schweißperle (engl. Pearl of Sweat) | Screenprint on Sweatshirt | Edition of 7 |
size L | 2012 | Produced for Kunstverein Hamburg

editions silenzio
Silenzio | Screenprint on Paper | Edition of 20 | 56 x 76 cm | 2008
printed with Glasgow Print Studios


in my eye book cover in my eye book pages
In My Eye
published by The Publication, 2014

Publication Pist Protta cover Pages Pist Protta
Pist Protta 71
Pist Protta visits Nomi's Kitchen Oktober 2012
published by Space Poetry ISSN 0107-6442

Neue alchemie cataloque cover neue alchemy catalogue pages
neue alchemy catalogue pages neue alchemy catalogue pages
Neue Alchemie
Exhibition Catalogue, Landesmuseum Münster
published by Melanie Bono. Münster 2010/11
designed by Daria Holme
ISBN 978-3-86832-038-1

Publication Collective Gallery
Collective 1984- 2009, Revolver Publishing
designed by Sarah Tripp
ISBN: 978-3-86895-033-5

Publication The Silence
The Silence, Artist's Poster fold out
published by All That Remains and Sorcha Dallas, 2008, Edition of 500

IPS brochure
Exhibition publication, designed by James Langdon
with a text by Ruth Claxton and Gavin Wade | 2005

Publication At the Edge of the Fairytale

At The Edge Of The Night A Fairytale Ties Roses,
Artist's book, published by State Academy of Fine Art Karlsruhe, 2004
with a text by Ross Birrell, designed by Robert Johnson, Engl. / Ger.
Edition of 800 & limited edition of 30, book with poster in stenciled black card case

East catalogue cover East catalogue pages
East international,
Exhibition catalogue, curated by Eva Rothschild and Toby Webster
with a text by Lynda Morris,
designed by Paul Kuzemczak, Tanya Stagg, Eleanor Cherry
published by Norwich Gallery, 2003, edition 750, ISBN 1 872482 63 5

Publication Slimvolume slimvolume poster
Slimvolume Poster Publication, curated by Andrew Hunt | 2003


Poster Club
is a group of artists who meet to collaborate on designing and printing posters. Poster Club is: : Laura Aldridge, Anne-Marie Copestake, Charlie Hammond, Kendall Koppe, Tom O'Sullivan, Nicolas Party, Ciara Phillips and Michael Stumpf.
posterclub dca posterclub gps
posterclub billboard posterclub eastside projects

The Tower
is a mobile curatorial concept by artists Lutz Fezer, Skafte Kuhn and Michael Stumpf, that developed from the exhibition space kaiserpassage 21a. Over the past years THE TOWER manifested itself as a radio station within an exhibition context, inviting artists to produce contributions in an audio format, which are presented as live broadcasts, DJ- sets and lectures.

the tower the tower the tower
the tower the tower the tower the tower

Who Decides?

Stadtgalerie Mannheim
6 April - 13 May 2012
A curatorial project in collaboration with Skafte Kuhn and Michael Stumpf
With: Lutz Fezer, Lotte Gertz, Agnes Karow, Verena Kunze, Claudia & Julia Müller, Scott Myles, Mick Peter, Bik van der Pol, Florian Waldvogel, Suse Weber

The project explored the 'rules' of artistic creation, production and display. Taking the medium of print as a starting point we invited other artists, designers and writers who employ printed matter as a key aspect of their practice to engage with us in a process of creative exchange.
Individual 'rules' were developed for each of the participating artists. These were made into screenprinted posters that were sent to the artists who were then invited to respond in whatever form they wished. The finished responses were combined to create an installation at the Stadtgalerie and outdoors at Q6 Mannheim.

who decides poster who decides install
who decides install who decides install
who decieds who decides rule
who decides rule who decides bill boards
who decides who decides rulewho decides rule


Alphabet Chat Letter ‘O’
by Jenny Brownrigg | 2014

... Included in the ‘O’ of this essay are references to Michael Stumpf’s past work, descriptions of his present work for Glasgow International at The Glasgow School of Art (GSA), some Sesame Street philosophy  and other thoughts for you to include or exclude, as you encounter ‘This Song Belongs to Those who Sing It’. ...

Published as part of the Exhibition This song Belongs To Those Who Sing It, Glasgow School of Art , as part of Glasgow international 2014.

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Michael Stumpf by Melanie Bono, New Alchemy, exhibition catalogue, 2010 (translated from German by Energy Translation)
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Jacopo Miliani, (The End , Magazine # 10, 2008)
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The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Michael Stumpf
Ross Birrell , 2004, published in At the Edge of the Night a Fairytale Ties Roses, Artit's book.
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Michael Stumpf by Mick Peter, Frieze Magazine Issue 90, April 2005
For the full review visit frieze archive here

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