The Future Is A Process Objects Converse On A Matter Of Mutual Concern
Amphitheatre Swansea, for Art Across The City 2015

The Future is a process, stovetop

The _future is a process, amphithetre

The future is aprocess, pink moon

the future is aprocess, amphitheatre, spectators

This Song Belongs to Those Who Sing It
Glasgow School of Art | April/ May 2014 as part of Glasgow International 2014

Thins song belongs to those who sing it _ objects

Ring, directors balcony, Balconies comission

Ring GSA directors Balcony

Reid Building Balcony Comission Now Sing

Coles up Now sing

In My Eye | The Pipe Factory | Glasgow | Feb. 2014

In my Eye installation view front

In my Eye installation view

cone chair rock, in my eye, 2014 I my Eye poster

157 Days of Sunshine | Bothy project, Walled garden | Glasgow | 2013|
with Laura aldridge, Kathrin Elkin, Bobby Niven and Nicolas Party
157 days os sunshine broom double pyramid

157 days of sunshine, column

The Red Room | Kunstverein Hamburg | 2012 | curated by Florian Waldvogel

red room invitationredroom install

sweats lovesong Sweats Song Sweats Schweissperle

In Other Words| Glucksman Gallery | Cork | 2011 | curated by Graham Allen and
Matt Packer|with Semâ Bekirovic, Erica van Horn & Simon Cutts, Niamh McCann, Cerith Wyn Evans, Takahiko Iimura, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Kay Rosen, Peter Downsbroug, Tim Etchells
massive angry sculpture in other words

Rubble Stir |Glue factory | Glasgow | 2010 | curated by Beagles and Ramsey

Rubble Stir First a Shudder then a Roar

rubble stir invitation Rubble Stir Gnome

Neue Alchemie (New Alchemy) | Landesmuseum Münster | 2010 | curated by Melanie Bono | with Karla Black, Katinka Born, Björn Braun, Nina Canell, Aleana Egan, Myriam Holme, Sergej Jensen, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Lorenzo Pompa, Matthew Ronay

New Alchemy installation view

New alchwemy this song belongs to those who sing it New alchemy insztalation view

Die Show im Oktober | Tranmission Gallery | Glasgow | 2009

Die show im Oktober

Die show im Oktober installation view

Glöckchen Whiplash | Sorcha Dallas Gallery | Glasgow | 2008

gloeckchen whiplash gloeckchen whiplash back

gloeckchen whiplash installation view

gloeckchen wjiplash installation view

Like it Matters | CCA | Glasgow | 2005 | curated by John Calcutt | with Karla Black, Mick Peter and film works by Bas Jan Ader, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Rauschenberg and Bruce Naumann.

like it matters poster like it matters installation view

like it matters installation view

Once | Sorcha Dallas Gallery | Glasgow | 2005

once invitation card

once installation view

No-How | Collective Gallery | Edinburgh | 2004 | curated by Jonathan Owen and
Mick Peter | with Paul McDevitt, Nathanial Melleors, Ellen Munro, Viktoria Skogsberg

No-How poster

No-how Now bring me the horizon

EAST international | Norwich Gallery of Art | 2003 | curated by Linda Morris, selected by Eva Rothschild and Toby Webster

East international , Treehouse ofHorror

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